Project aims and objectives

The WHEEL project has set general objectives and special objectives in order to tackle the challenges of higher education institutions' challenges in Libya. The initial step towards this goal is to create consortium of 12 Libyan and 2 EU HEIs. The participating HEIs will work on contributing to a vision of Libyan Higher Education (LHI) system that can meet all the challenges to achieve the following general objectives:

-          Analysis

-          Capacity building actions

-          Institutional development

-          Strategic planning

The project also aims to the following specific objectives:

-          Build a successful consortium of HEIs in Libya

-          Establishment of a Network of Libyan universities platform

-          Improving management and operation of the LHEIs

Some of the expected reforms of the WHEEL project include:

-          The set up of a Network of LHEIs as learning platform to foster the modernization and strategic planning.

-          The Drafting of a "Libya Higher Education Blueprint", that will provide a vision of a new Libyan Higher Education System.

WHEEL activities and outputs

-          Evidence-based diagnosis, through which will draft the Evidence Based Diagnosis Document of the LHEIs case.

-          Institutional Building via Networking

-          Strengthening links between Libyan HEIs and local stakeholders

-          Capacity Building via Training

-          Enhancing knowledge and higher education management capacity, strategic thinking

-          . Dissemination and Sustainability

-          Quality Assurance

-          Successful Project Management to ensure smooth Technical and Administrative Coordination

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