Elmergib University headquarters is located in the city of Al-Khums, and its faculties are distributed among the following cities: Al-Khums, Masslata, Qasr Al-Khayyar, Al-Qara Bolli. Previously, Elmergib University has been given several names. The first one was (Intifada) in 1991, then (Nasser) in 1992, and finally Elmergib. The resolution No. (77) for the year 2001 A.D. was issued to modify the name of the university to become Elmergib University, located in the city of Al-Khums. All faculties, branches, fixed and movable assets of the previous university have been transferred to Elmergib University. It replaced the previous university in all rights and obligations. The choice of this name (Elmergib) was to commemorate and recognise the role of grandparents and fathers for the battle of Elmergib on October 23 rd , 1911 in which our brave people confronted the fascist Italian invaders who attacked our country at the beginning of the last century. Today, the university is one of the main universities in Libya. It is a member of the Arab Universities Union Since June 17 th , 2004 and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World. It is a member of the Union of Mediterranean Universities (Unimed) since June 26 th , 2018. The university has signed many agreements with many academic and research institutions at the Arab and international levels. The university has also obtained an institutional identification code. PIC No 914580215 in November 15 th , 2018 to enable the university to participate in projects supported by the European Union.

Admission requirements
Students are admitted to study in Elmergib University in condition that they have obtained the general or specialised high school diploma, in its scientific and literary sections.

The language of study
Arabic and English.

Academic study system
The university adopts the open term system consisting of two semesters and the annual academic system. Academic degrees granted by the university:

- Licence’s degree (BA)

- Bachelor's degree (BSC)

- Master’s degree (Engineering, Applied and Humanities Sceinces)

- PhD in the humanities

Unions and professional associations at the university

- Teaching Staff members Syndicate

- Employees Syndicate

- Students Union

International agreements signed by the university

- Scientific cooperation agreement with Khazar University - Baku - Azerbaijan on 1/13/2009.

- An academic cooperation agreement with the University of Glasgow - Scotland, on 23/7/2008.

- An academic cooperation agreement with the University of Asmara - Eritrea, on 03/03/2004.

- An academic and cultural cooperation agreement with Benha University - Egypt on 3/11/2008.

- An academic cooperation agreement with the University of Degli Studi Mediterranea - Italy on 11/22/2009.

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